Being Well? Social Resilience in Changing World

The Poster Exhibition – Tuesday 18 April 2023, Lund City Hall, Sweden

How do families, networks and communities protect themselves from stresses and crises? What role do social ties and social interaction play in recovery processes

Poster Exhibition at Lund City Hall (Sweden) where social science researchers explore these questions!
Organized by: Faculty of Social Sciences, Lunds University and Lund Muncipality, Sweden.
Arranged by: Teres Hjärpe, Azher Hameed Qamar, Sara Kauko

This event consisted of a popular science poster exhibition on social resilience in a changing world. At the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University, an interdisciplinary research group does research on social resilience, i.e. the processes of “bouncing back” and “bouncing ahead” during and after crises, disasters and disruptive changes. The poster exhibition aimed to present results and provoke thoughts based on research projects on social resilience during pandemics, climate challenges, migration processes, economic crises and political instability.

Azher Hameed Qamar (Social Work), Teres Hjärpe (Social Work), Sara Kauko (Gender Studies), Patric Nordbeck (Psychology), Tove Lundberg (Psychology), Mikael Linnell (Sociology), Martin Lundqvist (Media and Communication studies), Yunwhan Kim (Psychology).

This event is part of Sustainability Week 2023 (April 17 to April 22), an annual event organised in collaboration between Lund University and Lund Municipality. This year, over 60 lectures, guided tours, exhibitions, and more were arranged. For more information about Lund Sustainibility Week, visit here