Azher Hameed Qamar, Ph.D

Recent Publications

Socially Valued Child

Socially Valued Child and Infant Care Belief Practices. This ethnographic study was conducted in rural Punjab, Pakistan and it explores infant care belief practices and associated fears in connection with the social value of the child in rural Punjabi socio-cultural context.

Social Resilience and Migration

Currently, I am researching social resilience and migration, in the context of challenges and changes that shape young adult migrants lives in Sweden.


Researchers and professionals' perspectives and experiences can provide a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge to conduct reseearch. These talks will help you to learn from their experiences.

Poster Exhibition

The poster exhibition aimed to present results and provoke thoughts based on research projects on social resilience during pandemics, climate challenges, migration processes, economic crises and political instabiliies

Qualitative Research

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in demand for qualitative research consultancy and review services. Qualitative research consultancy can provide valuable theoretical and practical insights into research design, data collection, and data analysis, which can be used to conduct effective research, improve research process and outcome, and enhance growth and development.

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