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January 2023 - Article published "Conceptualizing social resilience in the context of migrants’ lived experience" in GeoForum
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February 2023. Oral presentation "The Church's Café Serving Migrants in Sweden: Creating a Support Network for Social Resilience." Social Work Research Days 2023 - University of Helsinki, Helsinki Finland
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April 2023 - Research poster "Social Resilience and the Art of Living Together" at Lund Sustainbility Week, Lund Sweden (
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April 2023 -
Being Well? Social Resilience in a Changing World. Lund Sustainbility Week, Lund, Sweden (Learn More)

Attending a doll's marriage ceremony was one of those encounters that refreshed my fieldwork memories while also providing insight into child socialization through play activities. An ethnographer's scientific task after fieldwork is to read, describe, and interpret the pictures. As a student and researcher in childhood studies, I was fascinated by the pictures' explicit and implicit details. Hence, I developed a picture reading technique that I used to read pictures as field notes. I named this technique '
SAFSI,' which stands for See, Ask, Find, See, and Interpret. Here, I elaborate on this process by using my participation in a doll's marriage as an exampl
Socially Valued Child and Infant Care Belief Practices

This ethnographic study was conducted in rural Punjab, Pakistan and it explores infant care belief practices and associated fears in connection with the social value of the child in rural Punjabi socio-cultural context. The study is comprised of articles that provides theoretical, methodological, visual and emperical insight of the social value of the child. This study is based on the perspectives of the interdisciplinary social study of childhood and social construction of infant care belief practices in connection with socially valued child. The main theme “the Interconnectedness between Infant Care Belief Practices, Fears and the Social Value of the Child” discusses the triangle that interconnects the social value of the child with the fears of losing a child and corresponding infant care belief practices

Social Value of the Child (Photo Essay)

This essay offers a synopsis of the social value of the child and the social construction of the value of the child in the global south. This brief article concludes that studies emphasizing the value of the children in the global south should investigate the intricate and relevant interconnections between the psychological, familial, and religious value of the child, all of which contribute to the social value of the child
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Social Resilience
and Migration

Currently, I am researching social resilience and migration, in the context of challenges and changes that shape migrants lives in the host country. My research project investigates the young adult migrants’ lived experiences in the host country with an emphasis on social resilience as a phenomenon characterized by the social experiences and practices of young adult migrants in the host country. In this connection, I see social resilience contingent on social experiences and interaction with the environment (as social actors) constructing and co-constructing the meaning of social aspects of the resilience. Hence, to conceptualize and investigate social resilience, I am interested in understanding social experience and social practices corresponding (3Cs) Change, Challenge, and Continutiy

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