Researchers and professionals' perspectives and experiences can provide a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge to conduct research.

Dr. Wendy Harcourt
Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Body Politics and Gender

Dr. Julian Reid
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland

Oxytocin and its Role in Political and Social Life

Dr Kristina Göransson
Lund university, Sweden

Intensive Parenting and Raising Resilient Children

Dr. Zeliha Öcek
Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU). Munich, Germany

Vulnerability and Social Resilience

Sylvia Agbih
University of Augsburg. Germany

Vulnerability and Social Resilience

Dr. Eleni Kalantidou
Griffith University, Australia

Social Resilience and Community

Dr. Lagunathan Govender
Lund University, Sweden

Recognition of Welfare Recipients in Labor Market Policies

Dr. Salma Siddiqui

National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Qualitative Research and Clinical Psychology

Dr. Helen Kara
Leading Independent Researcher, Author, and Teacher, UK

Qualitative Research

Dr. Sara Kauko
Lund University, Sweden

Ethnographic Research

Dr. Patric Nordbeck
Lund University, Sweden

Phenomenology in Psychology

Dr. Andrea García-Santesmases
National Distance Education University, Spain

Disability and Sexuality

Dr. Julia Bahner
Lund University, Sweden

Disability and Sexuality

Dr. Tiina Lehto-Lundén
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Support Person/ Support Family Relationship in Finland

Anna Nádasi
Social Worker

Doing Social Work with Young Migrants in Finland

Dr Enni Mikkonen
University of Lapland, Finland

Whiteness and Racialised Structures in Social Work

Dr. Syeda Shahida Batool
GC University, Pakistan

Conudcting Qualitative Investigation

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