Dr. Tiina Lehto-Lundén

Dr. Tiina Lehto-Lundén is a researcher and Post-doc Fellow at University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She has background in Social Work and Qualitative Social Research. Currently she is working on support person and support family intervention programs in Finland. In this interview, she talked about her current research providing a conceptual and emperical insight of support person and support family relationship and their role in social inclusion of children through social networking Watch Here
Dr. Azher Hameed Qamar

Dear Guests: Thank you for enlightening us with your valuable experience and expert reflections.

Dr. Wendy Harcourt

Dr Wendy Harcourt is a professor of gender diversity and sustainable development at the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, The Netherlands. In this interview we will learn from her about her book Body Politics in Development. Watch Here
Dr. Salma Siddiqui

Prof. Salma Siddiqui is a clinical psychologist and Dean School of Social Sciences and Humanities, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad - Pakistan. In this interview, Prof. Salma talked about the role of qualitative research skills for a novice researcher in clinical psychology and need for a comprehensive roadmap for qualitative research training and practice. Watch Here
Dr. Patric Nordbeck

Dr. Patric Nordbeck is a researcher and Post-doc Fellow at Department of Psychology, Lund University, Sweden. He is working on Ecological Psychology and Dynamic Systems Theory In this interview, he talked about Phenomenology in Psychology, the barriers that researchers from mainstream psychology may face while doing phenomenological research, and the epistemological positions they should consider to work on. Watch Here
Dr. Sara Kauko

This talk will guide you to begin with your first ethnographic research. Dr. Sara Kauko is a cultural anthropologist, and a post-doc researcher at the Department of Gender Studies, Lund University, Sweden. She has conducted ethnographic research in Argentina, Brazil, and England. Watch Here
Dr. Helen Kara

Talk with Dr. Helen Kara: She is a leading independent researcher, author, teacher and speaker specialised in creative research methods, and research ethics. She is an author of over 25 titles including Qualitative Research for Quantitative Researchers (2022), Creative Writing for Social Research: A Practical Guide (2021), and Creative Research Methods: A Practical Guide (2020). Watch Here
Dr. Syeda Shahida Batool

Dr. Syeda Shahida Batool is a professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, GC University Lahore - Pakistan. In this talk she shared her views on the common problems that students face while they conduct qualitative inquiries. Watch Here

Dr. Julia Bahner
& Dr. Andrea García-Santesmases

Dr. Julia Bahner is Associate Senior Lecturer at School of Social Work, Lund University Sweden. Dr. Andrea García-Santesmases is Assistant Professor at Department of Social Work, National Distance Education University, Spain. In this talk they shared their research on ‘Disability’ and ‘Sexuality’ and discussed relevant concepts, connection and investigation approaches. Watch Here

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